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Man in domestic violence case shot wife in legs in Ohio

This domestic violence case out of Ohio is quite severe, but if you've been facing a similar situation and are considering or going through divorce, you should be aware that you have rights as the victim. You shouldn't have to live with violence, and there are steps you can take to prevent your ex from hurting you, some of which include protective orders and restraining orders. In domestic violence cases, you should be prepared for both sides to be heard, as it's important to prove that the violence took place before punishing someone for the crime.

In an April 1 report about the case in Ohio, the Fairfield County Sheriff's Office released two 911 calls from a man and woman who were having a domestic dispute at their home at around 11:29 p.m. The 52-year-old woman on the call told the dispatcher that her husband had just shot her in the legs. She also told the dispatchers that they had been arguing, which sparked the attack, and that her 52-year-old husband had been drinking. She reportedly threatened to divorce him.

Grayson's wife speaks out about domestic violence

In Ohio and other states across the nation, domestic violence is a continuing problem. It occurs across all demographics and income levels. What is often surprising is how long domestic violence has gone on in a family. In a recent high profile divorce case, it was revealed that a woman was putting up with abuse for a number of years, according to the news. She claims that her husband, a well-known democrat, had been hitting her and even attempted to kill her in the past.

Divorce can be messy, but when it involves domestic violence like in this case, there can be all kinds of trouble for the perpetrator and the victim. The estranged wife of Congressman Alan Grayson claims that he was abusive and even had murderous intent toward her, but she still didn't leave him for a number of years. She claims that she wanted to make their marriage work despite the abuse. Later on, she found out that he had been cheating on her for a year or more, according to her interview.

Spousal support for male military spouses lacking, divorce rising

If you live in Ohio, this news about military divorces may interest you. Military divorces can be hard on a military family, especially since one spouse may not be around often or may have other responsibilities to handle. In this argument from March 27, it's suggested that male military spouses may not have enough support, and that could lead to higher divorce rates for those with wives in the military.

According to the story, when a man marries a woman in the military, he may come across issues finding a job, and some men may feel lonely. For women, there are plenty of groups, but they aren't really geared toward men. That may be part of the problem.

New child custody laws may prevent rapists from seeking rights

If you're living in Ohio, you know that you can come across divorce, separations and other situations in a family court. Sometimes laws change, and that can often be for the best. This child custody news may please some people who have been victims of rape or sexual abuse. Previously, you may have been worried about getting into custody fights over your child with the convicted party, but that may soon be in the past.

According to a report from March 25, current Ohio laws allow a woman to decide on her own if she wants to give her child up for adoption or raise the child on her own if the male responsible pleads guilty or is convicted for rape. However, because of this, the convicted rapist may later come back and try to sue for custody rights of the child, despite the fact that the child was born out of a painful situation for the mother.

General claimed he wanted a military divorce in affair case

Going through any divorce is difficult. But, imagine you're unaware of anything going on behind your back or are already going through the steps of separation toward a military divorce when it gets aired on television. In this case, one man is going through trial for allegedly having affairs with three of his subordinates; he allegedly told one that he was divorcing his wife.

That divorce may never have been discussed between him and his wife, though, as it turns out it may have been a lie. It's not clear if his wife has responded to the allegations against him at this point, but one of the three women had a three-year affair with him, according to the news. She has allegedly accused him of sexual assault, but that charge was allegedly dropped as part of a deal where he pleaded guilty to mistreating her.

Child support reduction granted by the court for Beyonce's father

Raising a child in Ohio is difficult if you're a single parent or were a stay-at-home parent in your previous relationship. Child support is one of the things that is meant to help, but it has to be an appropriate amount and affordable for the person having to pay it If you've been watching entertainment news, you might have heard about Mathew Knowles, the father of Beyonce Knowles, asking for a reduction in his child support payments. The support modification was allegedly requested due to the fact that he was fired by Beyonce, so he was no longer receiving income from being her manager.

The March 5 report claims that the man asked for a reduction in child support payments at a hearing that was held earlier in 2014. At that time, the judge determined that the man's income had indeed changed, and that impacted his ability to pay child support. Although this was the case, the judge determined that Knowles should still have to pay the actress Alexsandra Wright, the mother of his son, $15,000 for legal fees.

Tips for divorced parents when it comes to college, child support

A woman from Columbus, Ohio, had some advice for parents who are divorced when it comes to things like child support and college tuition. She said that they should focus more on making sure that they are coming close to their goals, rather than being perfect. This way, she claims, it is less hassle, and it puts far less strain on the relationships. Both sides do have to work hard and attempt to do what they agreed to do, but she was honest about the fact that it does not always work out as well in reality as it sounded like it would during the court case.

For example, she said that her ex is typically a generous person who tries to make all of his child support payments. He does not try to skip out on what he knows that he should do. This also goes for paying for college, which they are trying to split down the middle for both of their children. She stated that for one semester, the cost came to a total of $4,200, meaning that each of them would need to pay $2,100. Her ex, however, only had $1,900 to spare. She allowed him to pay what he was able, supplying the other $200 on her own. She could have been angry about it and tried to force him to pay, but the time and energy just would not have been worth it to her.

Commissioner charged with domestic violence in Ohio

If you've been charged with domestic violence in Ohio or been a victim, then you expect the support you need to get through a troubling time. No matter the reason, domestic violence charges will have to be investigated, and this can be stressful. This case shows that no one is immune to domestic violence allegations.

According to the story from Feb. 24, a man who was formerly the Athens County commissioner has been charged with domestic violence. He was arrested at his home following the charge, according to the news. Previously, the man had two charges against him for domestic violence while in office, but those charges did not result in a conviction, according to the reports.

Former pro football player arrested on domestic violence charges

If you love watching the National Football League and enjoy knowing about the players' lives every now and then, this charge against a well-known former Bengals player might catch you by surprise. The player has been charged with domestic violence against his wife and potentially his children. His wife, who is allegedly separating from him, has claimed she fears for herself and her children. Ohioans may want to take note of the outcome of this man's case in the future.

According to the Feb. 17 news, the former Bengals player Artrell Hawkins was arrested for alleged domestic violence on Feb. 16 in Springdale, Ohio. Although he was arrested for these charges, the report did not indicate that he had hit or injured his wife.

Veterans with children from military divorce receive help

In the military, many people are offered a number of benefits. Normally, veterans are supplied with the things they need, at least to some degree. However, military divorce in the past has left at least one man in this story with his oldest child, struggling to get by.

Fortunately, Ohioans may be pleased to hear that a new Veterans Leadership Program in Pennsylvania has been created that helps veterans who are struggling. One woman, for example, had been laid off from her job and was living as a single mother of a 16-year-old boy and 7-year-old girl. They were going to have to move into an affordable home, although not in a great area, so that they would no longer be homeless. However, by reaching out to the program, she found that she qualified for emergency housing in East Liberty instead of the area she would have had to live in.

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